Meet Your Stylists!

Hi! I’m Emily!

A passionate soul dedicated to spreading joy, love, and positivity wherever I go.

I’ve had the privilege of exploring various avenues that have shaped my perspective and enriched my life. One of my greatest joys is in bringing out the beauty in others. Whether it’s through my work as a cosmetologist or simply lending a listening ear to a friend in need, I find fulfillment in helping others discover the light and embracing their best selves. I have a deep appreciation for the simple things in life – from the warmth of a sunrise to the laughter shared with loved ones around the dinner table. These moments, to me, are the essence of what it means to truly live.

When I’m not in the salon pursuing my passions, you can often find me snuggling with my puppies. Whether it’s exploring the great outdoors, binging my favorite TV show, or tending to my diverse plant collection, I’m always up for an adventure! Life is a canvas waiting to be painted. Schedule your appointment with me and let’s journey together and create a masterpiece worth cherishing.

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